Cavavin The Wine Shop

Reimagining the French brand, Cavavin for an Irish market

Research and Insights/ Communication Design/ Environment Design/Packaging


Cavavin has been Frances leading wine merchant for over 35 years.  It sources and supplies wine and spirits from over 150 winegrowers within many exclusive wine labels and products.  Cavavin Ireland  has entered the Irish market and their challenge is to connect and win with an Irish customer.


As part of the development of the "Cavavin" brand, we held discovery workshops with stakeholders, focusing on connecting and winning with the Irish customer.  This workshop focused on the Cavavin Brand Purpose, Brand Values, Shopper Profiles, Brand Personality, Brand Tone of Voice.  We also focused on the modern consumer mindset and how Cavavin could build on this for their own brand experience.

As a result, we crafted the 4 commitments that Cavavin needed to make for our shopper mindsets.  Connecting withe their lifestyles, while giving them the opportunity to explore.

Our approach for the design was to create an elevated design to complement the Cavavin heritage, but to create something relevant to the Irish consumer.   This included customer journey mapping, experience mapping and outlining a stylescape to complement the existing Cavavin brand, but to elevate in our market.  Adding not only physical touchpoints such as a tasting counter, but ancillary products such as cheese and chocolates.

Additionally, we developed a full suite of brand communications to complement the physical store design.  This included high-level, eye-level and buy-level communications, as well as website design references and digital recommendations


The first of a number of stores have begun to roll out across Ireland.  We look forward to watching this brand come to life across the Island.

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