Our beliefs

We are TapCreative.

We are an award-winning brand experience agency who combine strategy with creativity to craft meaningful and beautiful design experiences that improve people’s lives.

We believe creative thinking can overcome any challenge. Our insight-led strategic approach and expertise in brand, environment and experience design; means we define, design, and deliver solutions to enable our clients better connect with people.

We call this crafting purposeful connections, elevating design beyond aesthetics, to genuinely build better futures for our clients and communities.

The crew behind it all

Brendan Boyle

CCO and Co Founder

Niamh Higgins

Managing Director

Paul Lowry

Design Director

Gemma Ní Maoltuile

Business Development Director

Elaine Merren

Senior Brand Designer

Conor Dunne

Environment Designer

Emma Gorman

Graphic Designer

Rebecca Cooley

Studio Manager

Niamh Purcell

Commercial Interior Designer

What we hold dear


We are inspired by and curious about 
the world around us. Looking to the 
future always.

Bold belief

We are not afraid to be bold in our 
choices. Going beyond what is
accepted with wholehearted 
conviction to do it.


We bring fresh thinking and lively
enthusiasm to deliver experiences 
that excite, enliven, and rejuvenate.


We have a creative passion and 
energy driving us to achieve more in 
a purposeful way, designing to invoke
change and deliver impact.


We are real people who make genuine 
connections with our clients, our 
partners, each other and society.

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