Brand Experience (BX)

The entire ecosystem that lives around your brand. It is the sum of all collective touchpoints, both physcial and digital, where your brand interacts with your audience. It reinforces the position you hold in their minds and shapes their lasting impression of your brand.

Our SCALE approach to create effective brand experiences:

Aligning on brand purpose & vision, strategic priorities, growth segments and market opportunities - whether they already exist or we help you
to define.
Using our BEAT (Brand Experience Audit Tool) we audit your brand impact and consistency across all relevant touchpoints in the customer journey - digital and physical - to identify areas for investment.
The design intent of the brand ecosystem that will safeguard a consistent brand experience and influence how consumers perceive and engage with it.
Bringing the brand experience design to life across the key physical and digital touchpoints
where it interacts with your audience.
We balance creativity with commerciality. We establish the goals at the start of the brief to benchmark the ROI and measure our design impact.
Brand experience design in practice:

Designing the brand experience must transcend marketing, and recognise the combined impact of brand identity and communication, CX and the workplace experience.
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