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SIRA is an industry first sustainability initiative that set out to develop a practical sustainability support framework for the retail community. Ideated by Sharon Yourell Lawlor of Think Plan Do Consulting and Claire Cogan of Behaviourwise, TapCreative partnered on and sponsored the initiative. Co-sponsored by Vodafone, SuperValu and AIB plus supported by Champion Green and Retail Excellence.

The brand and the E-Guide were created with retailers in mind. It was essential to create a memorable brand name that clearly communicated the initiative's intent. The goal was to simplify sustainability and equip retailers with the knowledge they needed to make informed business decisions. As a result, simplicity was built into the design intent from the start.

The thinking behind the SIRA brand logo is effective identification. We combined familiar symbols for retail and sustainability to represent the initiative's fundamentals. As a result, the mark is simple, modern, and easily identifiable. Green is the dominant colour, lending itself to eco-friendly and sustainable principles. The language is straightforward and direct, with roots in the retail world. The name SIRA, like 'Alexa' or 'Siri,' was derived from a desire to personalise the initiative further with a person-like name.

The E-Guide is a “living” document designed with ease of navigation, education, and interactivity at the fore. A click-through content section directs the reader's attention to specific topics of interest to them. Alternatively, they can take a more comprehensive look at how their business measures up to the 10 Key Pillars of Retail Sustainability.  Live links to practical support and third-party websites feature throughout. This makes it a user-friendly document that retailers can refer to as they progress through their sustainability journeys.

SIRA was officially launched by Retail Excellence in June 2022 – read more here and the article at Dublin Live here

Check out the Sira Guide here 

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