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A Credible foodie experience

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Crafting a credible foodie experience and a foodie destination was at the core of this cafe design project by TapCreative and The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, County Kildare. There was a difference here, however, in that Shoda Market Cafe was fully repurposed from a forgotten area in Maynooth’s foremost hotel, The Glenroyal. TapCreative teamed up with The Glenroyal to transform the overlooked space into a contemporary artisan foodie destination that pitched itself as a combination of a healthy lifestyle, wholesome produce, and multi-preferences/tastes. Of course, design is one thing, but if a café or restaurant doesn’t have the commitment of the people overseeing it then the creativity of the design will outlast the commercial potential of the business.

The secret ingredient

TapCreative structured the earthen design of Shoda Market Cafe around an open kitchen, wherein customers can see the freshness of the food, how it is prepared, and what they are going to be soon eating. Such a design approach is inclusive, personal, welcoming and transparent – there are no hiding places. Another smart tell-tale design note is visible before anyone steps into the premises. Shoda Market Café’s tagline is ‘The secret ingredient is always passion’, which is, literally, the writing on the café’s (outside) wall.

Broadening Demographic Reach

As a local café with a wide-ranging clientele, Shoda Market Café has increased brand visibility via the success of its food offerings and customer experiences. It sources the finest ingredients from the soil-rich locality and by doing so reaches across generations, broadens its demographic reach, and generates a loyal customer base. The brand has also invested in complementary partnerships with local craft makers and non-food retail businesses. “We worked with the team at TapCreative to deliver an experience that customers would love,” says Ted Robinson, General Manager, The Glenroyal Hotel. “Their professionalism and enthusiasm for the project at every step helped us to achieve that.”

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