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Invigorating an Irish market leader

Nostra is one of Ireland’s largest I.T. companies, renowned for their reputation in consistently delivering quality that gives their customers peace of mind. With over 250 customers across the globe and a proud history based on trust, the company has always been about the human connection, empowering people, and doing the right thing.

In the light of their 15 year anniversary and as customer preferences change, their identity started to get blurred in a louder chorus of competitors. As their offer and business continued to evolve, our intent was to lean into the DNA of Nostra and evolve it for the future.

This involved the creation of a refreshed brand identity, complete with a new communications system and graphics suite that extended across key internal and customer-facing touchpoints from stationery to vehicle livery, website design, and comprehensive guidelines to ensure a fluent brand expression.

Simplify Your I.T.

After getting to the core of Nostra through holistic and in-depth strategic workshops, we partnered with a cross-enterprise team, that led with marketing and supported by technology, to build their brand identity of the future. We started by crafting assets that would reflect Nostra’s distinct brand DNA – the circles, the color blue, the ‘Simplify your I.T.’ tagline – and worked to bring them deeper meaning and purpose.

The circles became our key element, to show how Nostra moves, acts, and behaves in the connected world. Purposefully leading with blue in the colour palette, pervades a sense of calm and peace of mind. It helps to show the human side of I.T., responding with genuine empathy like a trusted guiding partner. Smaller bursts of high energy colours show a more vibrant side to Nostra; a welcome break from the clean and clinical aesthetic of their competitors.

The simplicity borne in our logo, inspired our new living suite of iconography and the pictogram system. The circles become useful graphic devices that shift to form playful compositions to build on the upbeat energy of the brand. The results bring Nostra’s sense of optimism, empathy and trust to the experience.

Truly responsive, for today and tomorrow

Nostra’s brand identity evolution will help them continue to innovate in the I.T. space without losing sight of their past. With a system designed to shift with the emotional state of an audience, they’re now in a position to protect customer futures, to make I.T. accessible as a tech-forward and people first business.

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“Thanks to all at TAP Creations for their hard work on our exciting re-brand project. We believe our fresh look and new website further underpins Nostra’s reputation to "enable businesses to grow, by taking I.T. off the management team’s agenda, allowing them to focus on their core business".”
Kevin O’Loughlin
CEO Nostra
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