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TapCreative has worked with Jump Juice Bars since 2015 and from that time we have elevated its customer experience through a series of brand developments and kiosk design. Jump Juice Bars is now Ireland’s market leader in smoothies and juices, and its continued success has strategically guided new retail range opportunities as well as future growth.

The avocado green and banana yellow tones (with a splash of strawberry red) not only convey the central nutritional value and vitality of the produce, but also create a fresh and fun atmosphere to offer healthy beverage options. The design focuses on these elements as well as running in parallel with Jump Juice Bars’ tagline: ‘Fuel Good.’

Human-centered Design

Creating a memorable experience for customers is crucial but the physical space of kiosks (including the kitchen, the prep area, the juice bar, and the POS station) requires meticulous research. In other words, the floor map needs to align itself not only with the design concept but also with the ease of physical access to the kiosk area, which is very important for employees. TapCreative applied the principles of human-centered design, the outcome of which is engaging, bright and considers the efficiency and openness of the workspace.

New and trustworthy own-brand product

Having defined the Jump Juice Bars brand as well as early kiosk principles for the business, TapCreative altered the visual awareness of the brand from one of normal anticipation to a superior end result. The key factor in achieving this was incorporating a new and trustworthy own-brand product. There are now 24 Jump Juice Bar sites/kiosks nationwide (all of which are designed in varying formats) and the company’s recently outlined three-year plan is to bring the store/site count to 30.

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“We have worked with TapCreative for many years, because of the level of creativity and service they give us. TapCreative has helped shape what the Jump Juice Bars business is today.”
Charlie Scanlon
Owner/MD, Jump Juice Bars
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