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In 2002 Five Rivers Fostering began the journey towards becoming Ireland’s first Independent Fostering Agency. This was done with a shared passion to offer care to children and young people with a wide range of needs.

The organisation has steadily grown since then, on the back of over a hundred wonderful foster families and a genuinely dedicated team. However, their energy and passion was not matched in their visual identity which was beginning to look at bit fatigued. It needed rejuvenation, a bolder impact, to connect with a new age.

So, Five Rivers engaged us to work with them to craft just that. Working together with their business consultants Mantra Strategy, we sought to clarify the brand as a memorable and hopeful, modern force, so that it becomes a clear emblem of their mission.

Reaffirming its relevance in the lives of modern families and couples considering fostering.

Solution - Discovery Process

We started with a question: “what does providing positive foster care mean today?”

We recognised the importance of providing safety to children and young people —work that the Five Rivers has been doing for over 20 years. They’ve enabled foster families to support these children and young people so that they can grow up in the best possible environments.

We worked to define a clear brand platform centered on providing this positive framework and sought to bring that idea to life through every expression of the brand.

Result - Starting with their symbol.

Every fostering journey starts with a conversation. First between couples, then with the agency, then with the child.

These conversations eventually lead to the home, a symbol of security, warmth and love. The ‘speech bubble house’ embodies this essence for Five Rivers.

Beyond the logo, a new brand system needed consistency across the estate. We developed the speech bubble house into simplistic geometric forms that grants a common language to all communications and is flexible enough to support any application, whether it be a presentation template or a vibrant campaign.

We’re honoured to have worked with the a force for good like Five Rivers Fostering. This new brand system heralds a new age for the organisation, raises its profile to attract more foster carers, and reassert what its core mission to provide brighter futures for children.

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