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The store-in-a-store for everyone

The brief from Chadwicks Group was to create a ‘Store-within-Store’ for a Fixing Centre sub brand destination in their Galway branch. Chadwicks needed a solution that spoke to the product, the trade expert and also considered the DIY enthusiast. Each required different levels and types of information. The project goal was to create a space easy to navigate, easy to shop for all shoppers that felt true to Chadwicks trade roots.

A key deliverable within the brief was to develop a clearly recognisable sub-brand destination zone within the store. It had to work in tandem with the Chadwicks main brand and other sub-brands within the environment yet deliver stand-out impact. All without looking like another brand addition in a house of brands.

Getting the basics right

As part of the brand development, a strong focus was placed on creating a clear and simple navigation system. Empowering customers with the information they needed to select and purchase the correct product for their project. In order that communication touchpoints were kept clear and straightforward, we collaborated with the Chadwicks team to firstly define the main pain points for their customers, then responding by developing a more intuitive, seamless solution. We focused the communication on the ‘base material’ used within each section, thereby allowing the messaging to be well-defined, concise, yet informative.

To truly highlight the Fixing Centre as a destination within the store, ensuring the area was identifiable and easy to navigate without feeling invasive; meant being clever in our design thinking and material selection. Using expanded mesh and open grid scaffold poles in the structure helps define the space, while maintaining an open feel to the overall environment. The use of lighting in the base of the shelving supports the fashioning of a clear zone. Making it a unique and purposeful location, without creating a divide between it and the rest of the store.

Grounded in sustainability

Sustainability is a strategic focus for Chadwicks. Considering this, our objective throughout the design concept was to utilise materials that Chadwicks either stocked or could readily supply. The inventiveness of the design team sees clever integration of a number of unique elements within the design concept – OSB board, mesh, and scaffold structures. Incorporating these materials throughout the space and within the structure ensures that the Fixing Centre forms part of Chadwicks DNA. Along with authentically expressing sustainability principles in the physical form.

It has resulted in a design concept that is bespoke and stylish yet raw. Realising stand out impact, and as per the brief, a feeling of true connection to the overall space that is faithful to the brands trade roots.

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“The Fixing Centre at Chadwicks Galway project, from concept definition to execution, was brilliantly managed by TapCreative, and the results are really impressive. It proves that great expertise can make design and function work hand in hand. The Fixing Centre allows Chadwicks to stand out from the competition, and dramatically improves our customer experience and brand perception.”
Valeria Colato
Brand Manager, Chadwicks
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