Butler & Barry

Dishing up eccentricity on the Bray promenade

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Crafting charisma

With an idyllic, promenade location on the Bray seafront, Butler & Barry was primed to be the new go-to destination for a new, post-recession and more affluent audience who - whilst still appreciating value - sought more engaging brand experiences.

TapCreative were approached to craft a new-to-market brand identity that was a fusion of old and new; a brand that was full of charisma that leant on traditional cues but with a modern and quirky twist. Inspired by the theme of a ‘curiosity cabinet’, we developed a visual narrative that was centered around two fictional characters: Butler the eccentric, globe trotting, aristocrat with a penchant for the dramatic and flamboyant drinks; and Barry the artisan chef with passion for great quality food.

A sense of hand craft

This theme lent to a distinctive brand story and tone of voice that flows effortlessly between enjoying a relaxing dining experience through to happy hour at the cocktail bar. The hand-drawn aesthetic and warm palette exudes warmth and quality. This reflected our insight that their customers wanted to feel indulged in a relaxed environment; a ‘3rd place’ that catered to both large and more intimate groups.

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“The brand brings so much character to the building and has been well recieved by our customers. It’s completely unique, which is just what we wanted”
Shane O’Farrell
Owner, Butler & Barry
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