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Dublin Design Agency Offers Comprehensive Brand Experience Audits to Help Businesses Stand Out

By Dublin Chamber

TapCreative has been highlighted in the most recent Dublin Chamber's newsletters.

The agency, which specialises in brand experience strategy and design has developed a unique approach to auditing a brand's customer experience. The process analyses and evaluates a brand's current state across all the touchpoints where your customer or employee interacts with your brand. It identifies areas that need improvement, by auditing the digital and visual brand and the digital and physical experience. By conducting a brand audit, a brand can get an objective perspective on how it is perceived by its audience, identifying any gaps in the brand experience.

"Designing the right brand experience is crucial to building emotional connections with your audience and, in turn, loyalty. For instance, customers who feel emotionally connected with a brand are likelier to stick around, becoming repeat customers and brand advocates. Further enhancing the brand's reputation and reach", according to Gemma Ni Maoltuile, Director of Client Development at TapCreative.

Read the full article here.

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