Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Creating a moment of respite where it’s needed most

Branded environment / project delivery

A facelift with purpose

Having partnered with CMRF to create several interior branded environments in Crumlin Children’s Hospital, TapCreative resolved to design and deliver a refresh of the A&E waiting room. With the intent to transform the admittedly drab environment, we primarily focused on a graphic treatment for the area walls that would uplift the mood of parents and children alike in any small way.

Our design narrative centered on a range of animal characters whose interaction with each other as hospital staff and patients, playfully reflected that of the real-life children themselves. Reassuring giraffe doctors speak with bandaged foxes, while teddy bears examine panda x-rays.

Layered details provide moments of discovery throughout the creative and, combined with several interactive games like Snakes & Ladders and mazes, heighten the experience for children. The tone is purposefully upbeat and light-hearted, making the space less intimidating as children and parents can undergo often lengthy waits.

The vibrant design helps to capture some of the essence of what makes Crumlin Children’s Hospital special for so many people. Like all our ‘For Good’ projects, we are privileged with the opportunity to give back through design. Shaping the experience of the A&E waiting room to offer some respite at a time of need is certainly one of those.

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“TapCreative delivered a much-needed refresh of the space. Staff, parents and most importantly children, love it.”
Gerry Cully
Hospital Liaisons Manage, CMRF
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